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Sunday, April 20th, 2014

[ userinfotithonium : 20 Apr 14 @ 11:44p ]

Last day of con. 2.5hr of sleep. A couple panels. Naked people in my bathtub. Sleep, eventually.

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[ userinfomotherinlawtree @ 10:51p ]
My baby plants sprouted! At least the alyssum has presented its tiny first leaves! Not even a week! Now come on chives, cukes, tomatoes. You can do it!

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[ userinfosistawendy : Date happiness! @ 9:44p ]
My first date with Temptress lasted just over three and a half hours. I think that's a record, and it was definitely one for the record books. Drinks & crepes at Julia's, followed by walking up & down Broadway, which is still still one of my favorite things to do, even with the gentrification, while holding hands.

There were purple lilacs blooming on the grounds of All Pilgrims Church just a few steps from Broadway. We smelled the flowers. Ahem.

Yeah, she and I have a whole lot in common. We've agreed in principle to get together a week from tonight. I think this is going to work out rather well.

I'm still wearing something cute, and I have more makeup than usual on. I hate to waste that, so I'm seriously considering a (brief?) trip to Re-bar, not least because Duke Dumont is playing there. On the way to my date, I stopped by Metrix Create Space to pay for their Intro to Electronics workshop, and they had this solid groove playing. I asked the young lady running the space (whom I interrupted in the middle of making something, natch) and told me who it was and where to find him. I'm on a roll.

current mood: bouncy

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[ userinfomiscellanny : tiny vague Sam/Steveness @ 10:57p ]
It's nothing, it's furniture, it's not a big deal.Collapse )

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[ userinfosistawendy : Parenting win! And other con stories. @ 1:40p ]
I did something on Friday night that I've wanted to do for about a year: introduce my son and rigel_p. You see, she has learning disabilities that are similar in kind if not severity to m'boy's. She nearly flunked out of college early on, but she got it together and is now kicking prodigious quantities of butt as a scientist. She has both knowledge and authority to speak to the Wendling about such things that my Aspiring Ex and I both lack.

We talked for about an hour over dessert, and it was even better than I'd hoped. (I was expecting a big crowd of our many mutual friends, but there weren't any. Considering how much her time is in demand both socially & professionally, we were hugely lucky and she is hugely generous.) Assuming that my son heeds her advice - and he damn well better - we will both be enormously in her debt.

No, I didn't go to any room parties because it was a kid weekend. Yes, I missed them. But! I did go to a filk gig led by Molly Lewis, with vixyandtony as two of the sidepeeps, and it was fantastic! I never thought I'd hear a song about Lisa Nowak, i.e. the crazy astronaut who drove hundreds of miles in Depends to confront a rival for her lover's affections.

Bonus: After I transferred from the train to the bus last night, a bunch of Sakuracon attendees in costume jumped on the E. I was among my people all the way to Greenwood after midnight. I love Seattle.

I have to say, though, that the bus and train took me 90 minutes each way from my Lake Place to Norwescon. Oh by the way, the last train on Saturday night leaves the airport at 0010; after that you have to wait until 0500. That would have been OK if I didn't have m'boy with me this weekend. One of these years I'll get a hotel room.

This afternoon: date with the woman I met at the Vampire Ball last weekend. Eeee!

current mood: accomplished

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[ userinfoaltf4ljdrama : My tweets @ 12:03p ]

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[ userinfoevaleastaristev : My tweets @ 12:00p ]

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[ userinforandomdreams : sleeping dreams @ 12:25p ]
I dreamed I'd written a video game around an old radar screen CRT. The playfield was a circle, with an obstacle in the middle. The player had to run around the circle, being chased by a crazy bad guy in a wheelchair with things sticking out the front of the wheelchair that shot sparks. (We'll call the bad guy Davros.) There were large carts full of medical equipment everywhere and if the player could block Davros by moving them, the player could get away. There was a hole in the floor, and the player's goal was to arrange the carts such that Davros was aimed towards the hole in the floor, and then use a cart to push Davros down the hole.
Which might actually be kind of a fun game.

In other news, I cut a replacement carburetor throttle actuator for the Spitfire yesterday.

It's almost right, shapewise, but it needs some help as regards finish. I still don't know what I'm doing when it comes to setting up and running CNC stuff.

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[ userinfomiscellanny @ 7:17p ]
Dinner today was salad (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, avocado, feta) with potato salad (potatoes, sweet potatoes, a little red onion, a little mayonnaise). OM NOM NOM. I had forgotten how I love avocado, but [personal profile] tacit reminded me.

Other than that I have been of little use today, only completing one job application, but it's Easter Sunday and probably allowed. Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate that sort of thing, and Happy Discounted Chocolate Eve for those who don't.

I've also - after thinking about it carefully - removed some of the teaching jobs from my list to apply for. There's no urgency just yet, and I'm wanting to find something for the longer haul this time, somewhere I can stick for a few years, pay off loans and overdrafts, learn to drive a car. I wasn't happy in teaching and I don't have to do it just yet, so I'm not going to apply even though the thought is squirming in my stomach. I am employable and I have to remember that so I don't chew through the lining of my lip.

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[ userinfosephirajo : My tweets @ 12:00p ]

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[ userinfosolarbird : RESTREAM ALL THE THINGS! @ 9:59a ]

nwcMUSIC videographer K is rebroadcasting/restreaming ALL THE CONCERTS today! All of them! If you had trouble with any element of the feeds before, now is your second chance to see it all. And it was a hell of a show, too, you have no idea. Here’s K:

Let your friends, fans, and folk know that we’re re-streaming the Norwescon concerts at today.

You can watch all the shows in HD, and if you watch it on the youtube
channel, you’ll be able to use the comment / chat system to interact
with fans and the other musicians as they watch the concerts.

Here’s the schedule:

Noon: 9k1 (nerdcore)
1pm: Jonny Nero Action Hero (electronica/chiptunes)
2pm: Klopfenpop (nerdcore)
3pm: The Heather Dale Band (Arthurian celtic)
4pm: Hello, the Future! (geekfolk)
4:45pm: Vixy & Tony (filk)
5:59pm: Seanan McGuire (filk)
7:05pm: Death*Star (nerdcore)
8pm: The Doubleclicks (geekfolk)
9pm: Molly Lewis (geekfolk)
10pm: Molly Lewis interview (sponsored by Tony Fabris)

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Saturday, April 19th, 2014

[ userinfotithonium : 19 Apr 14 @ 9:37p ]

Yet more con. Party hopping last night was very successful. Doing it again tonight.

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[ userinfolyonesse : super tired @ 7:05p ]
why am i so tired all the time?? i feel like i've been on the verge of getting a cold for like a week, but without the actual cold or anything....

may have found a winner of a horse for my student, a sweet young pinto gelding. he'll probably want a month of full training first, trying to figure out where/how to arrange for that. but my student loves him and i think he seems like a good guy.

in circus i feel like my front rolls are getting reasonably good, and i did a slack drop on silks, yay.

running down to a nine-minute-and-change mile (9:06 to 9:28).

i mean i feel accomplished enough, but even when i've just gotten up i'm already ready to lie down again :/ allergy? atmospheric pressure change? who knows....

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[ userinfoclawfoot : Well that's something she's just going to have to get used to @ 6:43p ]
So I decided to barbeque up some burgers tonight for dinner. I figured it would be easy, because I could have Luna in the backyard with me while I did so, and it's nice enough I could even eat dinner outside on the little patio table I have. Well.

The sound of the grilling burgers (and I suspect the fiery flare-ups) freaked her the heck out. I soldiered through the grilling because I wanted to make her understand that it was no big deal, and nothing to be afraid of. I tried to eat outside, but Luna was on the edge of hurting herself trying to get back inside, so I gave up and brought her in. She's now pretty clingy and still whining a lot.

I had no idea barbeques were so scary. This is something we're going to have to work on, because I love barbequing and I don't want to be outside without her, because she loves being outside so much. I'm sure she'll get used to it eventually.

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[ userinfoumadoshi : Hugo nominations and a secondhand anecdote @ 5:21p ]
Taking a hopefully-quick break from work to update! I just renewed my Dreamwidth account, and am trying to wrap my head around the idea that I've had it since 2009. DW still feels shiny and new to me in some ways, even though the site does a lot of stuff now that it didn't back then.

New Orphan Black tonight! So excited! And also, I have a bit of dread at watching the show week by week as it airs, since I watched season 1 after it was all out. Waiting between episodes is likely to be an exercise in stress.

This year's Hugo nominations are being tweeted at [ profile] loncon3 as I'm writing this post (I imagine they'll all be out well before I get this actually posted). Here's an idly-made list of nominations that made me perk up: short listCollapse )

John Scalzi just posted the full list of nominees.

My main reaction: I'm glad Seanan got nominated for Parasite--favorite author nominated, yay!--but sad that How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea didn't pick up a Best Novella nomination. It's the first Newsflesh work to not be nominated (all three novels and the first two novellas were), and unless Seanan writes something new in that 'verse, it's the series' last chance at winning one. *sad* (Plus it's my favorite by far of the three novellas, but that's at least as much due to it involving characters from the trilogy as to its inherent quality; objectively, it may not be better.)

I told [ profile] seascribe I'd describe a flat [ profile] scruloose looked at when he was hunting for his very first apartment. *g* I only technically knew him at this point (it was back in 1996 or so, and we'd met and hung out a bit at a couple of cons but weren't friends yet), so this is entirely secondhand, but here's the gist:

He and my mother-in-law went to check this flat out together. It was located in the South End of Halifax (which sort of blends high-ends rents and student areas), and it was listed as being a main-floor flat in a renovated house, with bay windows...and it was dirt cheap. I think this was perhaps a case of them seeing the listing and feeling the need to check it out to see what the hell was wrong with the place.

Apparently it was a perfectly acceptable flat, complete with the advertised lovely windows and natural light...except for one small problem. In lieu of an actual bathroom, it had a toilet...standing all by its lonesome. In the middle of the kitchen. With a shower curtain sort of arrangement rigged up around it for nominal privacy (and, I presume, a sorry pretense at sanitation).

Needless to say, when he and I started hanging out only a month or so later, that was not where he lived.

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[ userinfomiscellanny @ 8:15p ]
I am very very tired, and very, very happy.

I spent this weekend with [personal profile] tacit and [personal profile] soupytwist and [personal profile] pennyplainknits and we watched Captain America 1&2 again, and it was lovely and wonderful and fun. And I have promised to recommend some stories soon, but this one had to be done right away.

The Care and Feeding of Traumatized Ex-Assassins by [personal profile] sholio

Steve starts to notice someone's been in his apartment while he's not there. Set after Winter Soldier; SPOILERS.

Absolutely perfect, beautifully characterised and incredibly touching.

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[ userinfoaltf4ljdrama : My tweets @ 12:03p ]

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[ userinfoannathepiper : Victoria/Cumberland 2014 Trip, Day 4: Le Vent du Nord at the Cumberland Hotel, 3/11/2014 @ 1:50a ]

And now, O Internets, the second to last post of my Victoria and Cumberland vacation series–in which Dara, userinfosiestabear, userinfomaellenkleth, and I all had the supreme pleasure of getting to see Le Vent du Nord play at the Cumberland Hotel!

Previously in this particular adventure, Dara and I saw Le Vent in Victoria! And then we explored a bunch of rocks before Dara sang that night! And then we explored Cumberland and sang some more!

It’s truly fitting that we wound up the trip with one hell of a gig out of les gars. Because don’t get me wrong, you guys–I enjoyed the symphony show immensely, but even after only four shows’ worth of experience, I’m here to tell you that the best way to enjoy Le Vent du Nord is in a tiny, cozy venue. Preferably front row center. With a MAMMOTH.

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Friday, April 18th, 2014

[ userinfoannathepiper : Victoria/Cumberland 2014 Trip, Day 3-4: Cumberland! @ 10:22p ]

Forgive me Internet, for I have delayed MIGHTILY in finishing up posting about my and Dara’s trip to Victoria and Cumberland in March!

This post therefore will be dedicated to Day 3 of our trip, which was mostly all about Dara and me heading northward from Victoria to Cumberland, and what happened once we got there and safely arrived at the abode of userinfosiestabear and userinfomaellenkleth!

Pictures of snow and trees and flags behind the fold!

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[ userinfotithonium : 18 Apr 14 @ 9:31p ]

More con.

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