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lyonesse July 11 2014, 00:23

triggering, sleep, pony, cat (mostly a teaching-riding post)

i didn't sleep well last night, and this morning i was late for a student's lesson -- not like five minutes, like an hour late. i left a phone message and drove like a maniac.

my student has been riding her own horse, but when i got there she was all tacked up but not on -- apparently he had not been willing to stand by the mounting block, which she needs. she didn't want to ride, and we only had an hour left of her time. what to do??

she wanted to watch me ride her horse, to see me using the "following hand" -- that's the thing she needs to learn because her horse gets all cranky and head-tossy if you aren't careful with his mouth. so we put on my tiny stirrups (i am short, she is tall) and i got on and rode around for ten minutes or so. i quite like her horse, except that he's a big tall quarter horse and i'm all like 'why am i so far off the ground, and what a shabby little mane, and hey, no tolt??' :) i've become such a snob i've gotta laugh.

then we got stjarni, whom i haven't seen in days because dealing with the cat and heat. and poor stjarni is still too fat, as is ljufur -- i left a note asking that ljufur wear his grazing muzzle day and night for awhile, because he's clearly eating in it, and we need to slow him down. and i'm probably going to order another one for stjarni. additionally, stjarni had two awful bloody bug bites on his sheath, though as usual he's extremely stoic about that kind of thing. but ouch ouch ouch poor guy.

anyway we got my student on him, and worked on letting her body follow her horse's movement. because she is stiff (like most folks) and you need to relax to do the following hand. it's easier to start the following from your seat, since you're sitting on the horse with all your weight. stjarni has a huge-ass stride that makes this super obvious. so once she'd ridden around enough to feel confident in the "i'm riding" basics (rider in control of speed and direction, mostly) i took the reins and led her at a fast walk, so she could try to let her arms and hips swing. (i really would have liked to do bodywork for her, but no time.)

and then i threw in a tolt because the tolt always makes people smile. and she smiled, and paid me the unreasonable amount she always pays me (she likes to tip, apparently) and went off to her work with the big crazy grin i totally love about this student.

i have no idea how anyone normally learns anything in an hour-long riding lesson. because that's what we had and it felt totally crushed, and relied heavily on previous discussions and learning. i'm glad i don't have to work that way anymore.

after that i tried to go on the trails, but even with two kinds of spray it was way too buggy out. so we schooled in the ring for half an hour in the heat, and stjarni's feet are finally a good shape and his tolt is in perfect rhythm. we need more schooling for trot and canter, but we're trying. and hopefully the next few mornings will have some hours cool enough to be rideable.

so that, dear readers, is what i do when i gotta cope with triggering shit: i go do stuff i like. and i love my horse, and my work, SO MUCH.

(gotta say, when i think of scul? of violent crime and vicious alienation? i have no regrets anymore. because i took rich macchi to ride stjarni on a scul mission, because he was there to be a decent friend to me. and i have a picture of him up there on horseback, grinning and hanging on for dear life, and that one single moment has got to be worth everything for me.)

magpie isn't liking her medication, and it's maybe putting her a little off her food. but we're trying, me and kitteh, we really are.
tatiaz — reposted by bork on July 10 2014, 19:45
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Румяная ароматная курочка

Ни для кого не секрет, что особо румяная курочка получается, если в обмазку добавить мед. Или секрет? Тогда давайте готовить.

Правда, перед этим пару слов. Даже курицу я с некоторых пор предпочитаю не быстро зажаривать, а томить в духовке на слабом огне ну градусов 130, а то и меньше. Чтоб сверху не пригорала (есть такая беда в моей духовке) накрываю фольгой. Курица получается очень нежная и сочная, когда режешь из нее буквально вытекает сок. Чуть ли не бульон.

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lyonesse July 10 2014, 19:00

on parties and police

thanks to all who replied! i appreciate y'all's thoughts. fwiw, here are some of mine. comments more than welcome; i clearly have a lot of baggage around this (it's behind cuts now :) and would much appreciate discussion and perspective.

. i really don't trust the police.

. i really don't trust my community.

. so i think trust has to remain in the individual. obviously i'd like this to be me: i wanna get to decide when to call the cops, if i'm the host. but i'm not sure that i *need* to be the one; i'm sure sometimes i'll be wrong about this. so i also expect people to call cops if they need them. as a host, i'd at least like to be informed, so as to be the best host to both victim and the rest of my guests as possible. (and of the most use in preventing further violation.)

what happened to me so that i think thus; personal reminiscence rather than policyCollapse )


. as the victim, frankly, fuck the party. if everybody's day gets ruined because some asshole commits a crime, well, that's the price we pay for letting people be assholes in our community.

. as the host, and i freely admit this is a conflict, i will attempt to haul the attacker out of the party space and keep them in sight until the cops arrive. i have a big house; i may move the party space around a little (i presume my guests will cooperate). or i may get the perpetrator outside, which i would prefer. i am not obligated to let cops in without a warrant (even if i called!) and would refuse to have the cops on my property.

but i am in no wise willing to be an accessory to violence, even at the expense of my party.


. for the record, failure to obey a restraining order is a crime. a member of my household has a restraining order against a person who i saw earn it with my own two eyes (with a violent sexual attack in the freakin' courtroom right after the order was first issued). i'm as quick with the 911 there as if i am watching the blows fall. if you have a restraining order against you, and the protected person is in range (100 yards or whatever?) you better GET THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE I HAVE THE PHONE IN MY HAND.

. because of paddleboro and similar, i should mention that i do not believe in "victimless crime", and i am referring here specifically to crimes of nonconsensual violence (physical and otherwise). (don't worry, they don't award restraining orders for litterin' :) if i am hosting a party with consensual violence (did i mention the black belt? ;) or similar, i will ensure that all present are aware of the expected parameters of behavior. if those are violated, i will eject the perpetrator, and i'll call 911 from outside and possibly not until the party's been ended and cleared out, to protect innocent attendees.

but: don't hurt anyone on my goddamn watch. and don't think that violating a restraining order is somehow "not hurting" anyone. and don't think that my distrust of the police will keep me from bringing them on as the biggest guns available, if i deem the biggest guns necessary.

and don't think i don't respect the holder of a restraining order as having more right to haul out the big guns than i do. i know exactly how hard it is to *get* a restraining order. if somebody has one, they've already taken a lot of shit. they don't need me to pass judgment on whether or not they take any more before they get to call on the big guns.

comments more than welcome; i clearly have a lot of baggage around this (it's behind cuts now :) and would much appreciate discussion and perspective.

personal-life note, not to be confused with topic at handCollapse )
annathepiper July 10 2014, 16:43

It has come to my attention that LJ actually FIXED something

Namely, Bandcamp embeds! So here, have a couple! (Does this also work on Dreamwidth? LET’S FIND OUT.)

Like “Manteau d’hiver” by Le Vent du Nord!

And “La déroutée” by Yves “Most Badass Accordion Player in Quebec” Lambert and his trio! A song which rattles me around every time I hear it. I LOVE the repeated chorus.

And last but MOST ASSUREDLY not least, Dara’s got some tasty previews up for the WE SWEAR TO ODIN IS ACTUALLY FORTHCOMING Bone Walker Soundtrack!

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seanan_mcguire July 10 2014, 16:35

Lafferty Air, now boarding.

The random number generator has spoken, and the winner of two signed books by the awesome MUR LAFFERTY is...

apocalypticbob !

Please send me an email via my website contact form, so that I can pass it off to Mur and get this party started.

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you've been looking for some summer reading, I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Shambling Guide to New York City. It's a heck of a lot of fun, and it's always nice to discover a new author with an awesome body of work.

Go forth, and read!
clawfoot July 10 2014, 14:26


I finally saw Maleficent. I'd been wanting to see it for a long time, because Maleficent has long been one of my absolutely favourite Disney villains. I love her style, her power, her grace. I love her dragon. I love her cloak, her staff, her raven. Her calm rage. Her rage-y rage. Her yellow-green fire. I just love everything about her. So I was super-excited that she was getting her own vehicle.

And I was not disappointed!

No-holds barred spoilers for everything. Seriously.Collapse )

I'm sure on subsequent viewings (BECAUSE I WILL OWN THIS MOVIE THE INSTANT I AM ABLE TO) I'll find things I didn't like so much, but right now, it's just perfect. Perfect from beginning to end. So much love.

I really hope Disney keeps this up, and that this wasn't just a one-off. I would seriously love to see the movie Ursula, or Jafar, or Scar.

But not Frollo. He was a creep. He doesn't get a movie.
solarbird July 10 2014, 05:52

i have to try this

Okay, so people who have been out of the loop, Livejournal has gone through another purchase/”merger.” I know, I know, “Livejournal? Really? That’s still alive?” And you have a very good point.

But honestly this new ownership is the most responsive I’ve seen since Brad sold the place. They’ve been asking users what they want, they’ve put back in subject lines in comments, they’ve made all sorts of changes that people actually seem to want made.

Including, in response specifically to me, long-overdue resumption of support for Bandcamp embeds. That used to work, and stopped working, about three years ago? Whenever Bandcamp went to iframes for their players. Previous ownership didn’t answer questions about it. Current support just said ‘Okay!’ and “bandcamp embedding should work now!”


Which is the entire point of this post. Let’s see if this works, shall we?

eta: oh my gods it works. This hasn’t worked in three years. SEE HOW WE STOMP FOR… Livejournal?

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Also posted to ソ-ラ-バ-ド-のおん; comment count unavailable comments at Dreamwidth.

tithonium July 10 2014, 05:36


Work. Debugging mostly. Priority setting. Lunch at little chinook's with Sean. More sous vide. All the meat we bought is now in or done being in the bath. All the pork is out, most in the freezer. Pot roast and chicken went in this evening. Turkey and ranch-seasoned pork was excellent, tho the Italian turkey wasn't as good as the poultry seasoned one. Also, remove the skin. The potato salad from winco was also good.

Feeling quite unsettled without my laptop.

randomdreams July 10 2014, 03:35

No subject

New clutch pilot bearing fits perfectly on the transmission input shaft and appears to fit well into the end of the crankshaft. I say appears because that end is press-fit so I have to actually press it. Or in my case probably tap in with a wooden-faced hammer, although it's tempting to cnc-drill a plate with the right-size set of holes for the flywheel, and use careful tightening of long bolts on said plate to press the bushing in carefully.

Also ultra-short remote oil filter adapter is perfect. I originally got one with the input/output hoses pointing downwards, and it was really only about 3 cm shorter than the oil filter itself. This one has them pointing at a 90 degree angle to the direction the filter screws on, meaning it's probably 10 cm shorter than the oil filter and will easily clear the frame rails.
lyonesse July 10 2014, 03:13

party-host question

i've hosted a large number and wide variety of parties over the years. recently i've had reason to inquire of somebody else who does similar things:

if a guest [requires] police intervention (i.e. something illegal has been done to them), and they turn to you, what will you do?
if you do not call the police yourselves, what would you do instead?

i have THOUGHTS about this, but i'm interested in other people's thoughts too (as hosts or guests). y'all's solicited herein.
randomdreams July 10 2014, 02:11

No subject

Big work project done. It gets shipped out tomorrow and shows up as a hands-on demo at the company shareholders' meeting on Wed.
Today I needed to affix an LED board down in the bottom of a mug-shaped-and-sized recess in a large plastic assembly. I made a little aluminum bracket out of a chunk of the aluminum sheet I used for costume bits for petrona , that still gets commentary because it has such an oddly-shaped cutout in it. The bracket was flat, with two ears bent at 90 degrees, went down in the recess, and had screws going through the ears into the plastic.
I handed it to my newish boss, he took the setup, turned it over, looked at the bracket, turned it back over to look for holes in the outside, turned it back over to look at the bracket again, and said "okay how did you get screws going straight into the side of the plastic, way down in the hole?" I've had to do this before so I made a bit of stuff to help me and when I showed him, he said "yeah, we're keeping you around."

We went to Valmont Bike Park at lunch today and rode down/off jumps. It was quite exciting. I only fell twice and emerged completely unscraped from the overall experience. But despite spending about ten minutes trying, I never even got close to what Cody Kaiser can do effortlessly, mid-race.

When I was walking Lily this afternoon, we watched a huge Cadillac SUV galumph through a drainage. So, a while back, Mad Scientist Hut bought an entire reel of accelerometers. Then the accelerometer market tanked because people in China can build and test boards and ship them to the US for cheaper than we can buy the accelerometer chips in quantities of 10,000. So now we have about 5000 left over. I think it'd be neat to set up four of them, one on the seat beside me, one bolted to the car frame, and one each on the front and rear suspension, and see what driving around town looks like. Similarly for the mountain bike: on me, on the frame, on the front wheel. I wrote the code to read them all and record them to an sdcard this afternoon, so now I just need to wire it up.
solarbird July 10 2014, 00:30

kitchen ghosts

I wrote something for my old ephemera blog on Tumblr. But I like it enough to put it somewhere more durable.

This is not, strictly speaking, ephemera. It’s cabinet hardware, and as such, intended as durable over many decades, and therefore well out of range of Oldphemera under most circumstances.

But this cabinetry has an unusual provenance. A house built in 1911, expanded in 1924 for student boarding purposes, then a chocolate factory, then turned much later into apartments between 1958 and 1963 by a man I’ll call Mister Fixit.

Being a bit of a scavenger, Mr. Fixit used a lot of random sources for cabinetry when adding kitchens. In the upstairs unit of the addition, there are three entirely dissimilar cabinet sets crammed in together - all of which have in common only that they well predate the era of the conversion.

This kitchen has two unrelated sets, and it’s not even a big kitchen. It’s a galley. That takes dedication. And again - old cabinets, installed decades later.

I had wondered earlier where this guy kept getting random old cabinetry between 1958 and 1963 - an era before common reclamation and recycling services, when modernity and disposability were the rage - and only today did I put it together.

This was when rows and rows and rows of houses were being bought and either moved or torn down to make right-of-way for the new superhighway, Interstate 5, through downtown Seattle, and through the very neighbourhood of this very house.

I will bet all the dogecoin in the world that this is how he got these cabinets. These just aren’t old cabinets repurposed (and now, thanks to me, being restored) - these are ghosts of kitchens past.

All along this road was once 6th Avenue NE in the west end of the University District, a swath of arts and crafts and craftsman houses, with cabinets often just like these. All were swept away decades before their normal end of life - ephemera by situation, rather than intent. All are gone, lost to memory…

…except for these, my unexpected kitchen ghosts.

Also posted to ソ-ラ-バ-ド-のおん; comment count unavailable comments at Dreamwidth.

lyonesse July 9 2014, 21:54


i'll be reading as part of the circlet press group at readercon -- friday 9pm!

unless there's a tremendous cry of "omg not that again" i'll read "coyote gets laid", from my chapbook _you were warned_.

hope to see some of you there!
sistawendy July 9 2014, 21:19

tasty, bad-for-you eats

Dinner at Skillet at 14th & Union last night with Temptress. I had a fantastic fried chicken sandwich from their food truck at Pride, so I wanted to try their restaurant.

Be warned: this is not the place to go if you're vegetarian or watching what you eat. It's a caloric meatfest with some class. Service, decor, feng shui? Right on. We sat outdoors in the blessed sunshine. She had the smoked watermelon (!) salad and I had the pork pastrami Ruben. I have to say, I liked her entrée better, but my drink was a peanut butter milkshake with bourbon - apparently Skillet is known for its "boozy shakes" - so it worked out well. And despite the shake, I ate half of one of their strawberry shortcake-like thingies because it was that good. In summation, nom.

I gotta love the fact that across 14th from Skillet is Restaurant Zoe, which apparently moved up from Belltown, a bear bar, and Chop Suey all in a row. Hanging from the balcony of an apartment right across Union was a Pride flag - upside down. (Temptress didn't know that the red stripe goes on top until last night, either.) Maybe there's hope that the Hill will stay weird.

A sunny walk around the Hill holding hands where I showed her where some of my erstwhile usual haunts were (ETG, CHAC), a beer at the Wildrose, and then a ride back to my place. Sure, it was almost as PG as two queer women on a date can get, but it was also happiness.
seanan_mcguire July 9 2014, 17:59

The periodic welcome post.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my journal. I'm pretty sure you know who I am, my name being in the URL and all, but just in case, I'm Seanan McGuire (also known as Mira Grant), and you're probably not on Candid Camera. This post exists to answer a few of the questions I get asked on a semi-hemi-demi-regular basis. It may look familiar; that's because it gets updated and re-posted roughly every two months, to let folks who've just wandered in know how things work around here. Also, sometimes I change the questions. Because I can.

If you've read this before, feel free to skip, although there may be interesting new things to discover and know beyond the cut.

Anyway, here you go:

This way lies a lot of information you may or may not need about the person whose LJ you may or may not be reading right at this moment. Also, I may or may not be the King of Rain, which may or may not explain why it's drizzling right now. Essentially, this is Schrodinger's cut-tag.Collapse )

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