bovine in the black cloak (cow) wrote,
bovine in the black cloak

*shows up with a can of Pledge and a bunch of rags* sheesh it is dusty in here

should really clean up the place and make sure the lights and power still work

hello is this thing on hello
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Hello! There are a few of us stragglers still left. :)
Oh awesome! It's honestly a bit hard to tell on my feed, since it mostly seems to be crossposts from somewhere else. But I'm glad to see people are still around. :D

I'm gonna write a longer post this afternoon, but I have been doing a bit more long-form stuff and don't really have a good place for it. So, this should work!
I crosspost everything from Dreamwidth solely as a backup service, really. Started that when it looked like LJ was actually going away. But then it didn't! Which is yay! But I haven't stopped.

Which is basically just me saying "Yeah, it's a crosspost, but not really."
I posted an old-school SEATTLE BLACKOUT ROLL CALL on lj:seattle during the previous storm, and had like 50 comments. It was all YES! OLDSCHOOL LIVES :D
I'm an advocate of 409 because it has the sort of chemical smell that makes you positive it's working.
Ohh good point. Pledge makes everything smell like a sno-cone, though, which is also appealing.

Maybe less so from under a foot of snow.
Make the whole world a sno-cone.
Sticky come springtime, but in the meantime, DELICIOUS.
ohh, you're -very much- onto something here.

Have to be careful, though. I live across the street from a dog park, and they've been making...sno-cones of their own around here.


2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago

A: I need this shirt.
B: yeah, definite sense of comfort with the smell of isopropyl alcohol coz then I KNOW it's so clean it's dead.
Hello! I was just thinking about posting something. Not entirely sure what, however.
Yeah I really haven't a clue (obviously) but I figured I'd try...something. Going to try to write up something longer later when I have time.
*waves* hullo.
hi! :D
Yes, it's on. Welcome back! I make the horned head gesture in your honor.
Hi! ^_^

I feel more present on Dreamwidth, which I continue to much prefer, but I cross-post and read my LJ flist regularly, so I am still around.

Hello hello!

Deleted comment

Transmission received. :)

Deleted comment


Hello! I usually read at least every couple days, but December kind of wow. But here I am!
Come back again.
long time no see!